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Admissions Information

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Inquiry Information

  • Application for Admission
  • To start the admission process please fill out an Application for Admission.
  • The Director of Nursing and/or Social Worker will do a pre-admission evaluation.

Pre-Admission Information

  • A physician must be secured to follow the resident's care while in the facility.
  • Current History and Physical
  • Prior to admission, documentation of the resident's TB status, either by a chest x-ray or PPD skin test within the past year must be obtained.
  • Physician admission orders including the medication orders must be obtained.
  • If a power of attorney, guardian or conservator has been appointed, please bring copies of those documents. Also please bring the Living Will, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and Insurance Cards can be copied at time of admission.
  • Advance directives may be decided/discussed at time of admission. Please consult your physician first.
  • Arrangements will be coordinated with the family for the actual transfer: date, time and mode of transportation.
  • Medications may not be brought from home. There will be a choice of pharmacies that meet the required regulations for dispensing medications. PLEASE DO NOT FILL MEDICATION PRESCRIPTIONS PRIOR TO ADMISSION.

Admission Information

  • On the day of admission or prior to admission, the Power of Attorney or Guardian needs to be present to sign all admission papers. This may take a minimum of (1) hour. If it is more convenient, this can be done prior to admission.
  • A thirty-day payment is required at the time of admission. This is explained in more detail on the Admission Agreement.
  • There will be an inventory of all personal belongings brought to the facility. All clothing will be marked. If you wish to do the resident's laundry, please provide a hamper with lid. We recommend that you do not bring items of value such as wedding rings, antiques, keepsakes, etc. We also recommend that the suitcase be taken home at this time.
  • We do encourage you to bring personal possessions such as family pictures, etc. Please remember that space is limited and we must be aware of safety and fire code regulations. If there are items not meeting these codes, you will be asked to take them home. If you have any questions, please contact our Environmental Services Supervisor.

Tours & Home Evaluations

Please contact us by phone (641-332-2204) or e-mail to make arrangements for a tour of The New Homestead and Homestead Acres.


Completed forms can be mailed to:
   The New Homestead
   2306 State Street
   Guthrie Center, IA  50115
Or, faxed to: 641-332-2982


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