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Success Stories
Success Stories

Lula Cline returned home after a short stay at The New Homestead for diabetic management teaching.  The exceptional nursing staff at The New Homestead worked with Lulu to learn how to use her blood glucose monitoring machine and how to self administer her insulin.

“I would recommend to anyone that needs help to come and learn it’s a good experience and you learn a lot,” states Lulu Cline.

The one thing that we most all fear in life is our parents getting older and the possibility of having to put them into the nursing home.  That being said, our family had to recently make the decision of putting our mother in the nursing home, luckily for her she was able to get the rehabilitation and guidance she needed to get herself back on her feet to return home.

Words cannot say nor dollars pay the amount of gratitude we have towards The New Homestead.  We are a very fortunate community to have such a facility located right in our town.  We do not have to drive many, many miles just to see how they are doing, but merely drive up the hill.

The amenities that The New Homestead has to offer are endless.  We knew going in that this would not be a permanent home for our mother, but merely a building foundation for her to regain her strength, learn and be educated on medical procedures she will need to do in her everyday life.

So many times we felt that this is a death sentence and that people will not leave here, that is so untrue.  They nursed our mother, made her stronger and more willing to live life as she can, on her own and at home.  We thank you New Homestead, and so anxiously await the expansion and what other amenities it will have to offer.

Thank you so much to every one of the staff members not only the health professionals, but the aides who do so much and often go unrecognized.  Everyone has an important role and you should all be proud of what this facility offers to the community.

~Jeanette Sheeder

 Amanda Powell came to us after an auto accident on November 16th.  She had spent a couple of weeks in the hospital and was not ready to go home. 

I entered the care facility to continue to become stronger and receive rehab.  My experience at the care facility was very beneficial in continuing to be able to learn to get around and take care of myself.  All the staff were very caring and helpful.  I am pleased with the treatment I received and would recommend the benefits of the care facility to anyone who is needing assistance on getting back on their feet.

~Amanda Powell



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