Our doors will remain locked at this time for screening purposes however, you may visit at any time.  Please use the doorbell or call and then wait patiently to give us time to get to the doors.  We may be in a resident room and it may take a few minutes to get to the door. 

  1. Fully Vaccinated (2 weeks from last dose of vaccine) may visit in the resident room.  Masks are required until you get to the resident’s room.
  2. Proof of Vaccination is required, once you shown proof once you will not need to do so again on future visits.
  3. Non-Vaccinated Visitors, should visit in a designated area such as the activity room or café.  Non-Vaccinated Visitors should wear a mask at all times.
  4. Outdoor Visits are allowed, but visitors must still be screened in. Masking requirements remain the same as listed above. 

All Visitors should use hand sanitizer upon entry to the facility.

Please don’t visit if you have known COVID exposure or are not feeling well.

In the event that an employee or resident should test positive for COVID, we must temporarily suspend visits until all employees and residents have been tested.

At this time; we will be suspending the online scheduling of visits.

Have a great day and be safe!