All residents tested this week are negative.  Unfortunately, The New Homestead has had an employee test positive for COVID-19 this week.    As a result of the positive employee only compassionate care visits and end of life visits are permitted at this time; and this will continue for at least the next 14 days. Testing of all residents will continue to be weekly for the next 14 days as well.   We will continue to monitor the residents daily as a precautionary measure.  As of 10/13 the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare have updated the national data of positivity rates by county.  Guthrie counties positivity rate has increased, as a result the employees will start twice a week testing effective this week.  Twice a week testing of employees will continue until the county rate drops and maintains a lower percentage for a minimum of 14 days.  If you have any questions, please call the facility.  We want to thank all our family and friends for the continued support during this time.